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Austradan Kennels - Breeders of Quality Cavaliers

Current Member Dogs NSW 2000644460

Current Member Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club NSW.

Our main aim in breeding Cavaliers is to produce healthy, well adjusted puppies, so other people can share the enjoyment we have been so lucky to receive from our dogs. When sourcing our stud dogs we have endeavored to find dogs that were healthy, friendly and had sound pedigrees.

As we are a small kennel, we can and do give full care and attention to the dogs we own. We devote much of our time to all our dogs as a result they are well adjusted, socialised, and happy animals. We share many happy hours with them. We love what we do, and the rewards are plentiful.

Our Suggestions

We suggest that when thinking of adding a new pet to your family, make sure the breed will suit your family's needs (ie: time, grooming and  exercise needs, size of dog and space for the new pet).

We have found Cavaliers to be an excellent companion dog. They do shed their coat, but with a good brushing two or three times a week this keeps them relatively easy to look after. They are a friendly and sociable breed.

Your yard should be puppy proof. Your pet should not be allowed to wander the neighbourhood. As a responsible pet owner this is of the utmost importance, for your pet, as well as your neighbours.

Dogs are man's best friend! Look after their needs, and you will be rewarded with much enjoyment.

Who will always look at you with those wonderful soft eyes - no matter what?

Who will sit beside you for hours and never leave your side?

Who will wag their tail because they are happy to see you?

Who will fetch the ball for you - and bring it back?

Who will do all this and more?  Mans best friend.

They have even been known to save a person's life!


Well I feel so bad not having written to you earlier and have thought of doing so, often. As today is Charlie's 1st birthday, I wanted to tell you that he is doing so well and still bringing smiles to each of us every day! Our boys just adore him. We took him through puppy school, which was very helpful. He just loves being around us. He is very well balanced, although at times a little puppy naughty! Everyone who meets him just falls in love with him too. My wife had been the biggest surprise though, she has just taken to Charlie so well and is now even talking of getting a companion for him...stand by!! Anyway, I just wanted to touch base with you and give you the update of how well Charlie is and I thank you again for all you did for us and for breeding such a beautiful puppy. I'll try not to leave it so long for the next update.

Kind regards - Jonathan