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Because we put much time into our dogs and handle puppies as soon as they enter this world they are very socialised by the time they leave us to go to their new homes. Our breeding dogs also have lovely temperaments.We welcome visitors to our property to meet all our dogs. When visiting you can also see that we are not puppy farmers.

As of 1st October 2015 Austradan Kennels will be selling Pet only puppies Male and Female with a $500 holding deposit. This holding deposit will be fully refunded to the purchaser on receipt of a copy of original sterilisation certificate from your vet. (We suggest females done at 5 to 6 months of age and males 4 to 5 months) Austradan Kennels allows 6 months for sterilisation procedure to be undertaken. If you wish to have puppy sterilised earlier this is completely up to you.

The $500 holding deposit which is held until return of sterilisation certificate will also be used to secure and hold a  puppy for you.

The sterilisation certificate must be on the veterinarian's letter head showing date of sterilisation, microchip number, DOB, sex and colour also call name of pup. It must be signed by veterinary including vets identification number.

A desexing agreement must be signed by the purchaser before puppy leaves us.

At 6 weeks of age when our puppies visit our vets for their microchip, 1st vaccination and health check a scanned copy of your puppy's health report will be emailed to you the following day. This way you can see first hand our vets detailed report on puppies good health before we ask for payment and before puppy leaves our care.  

Our Puppies will leave us having been,

Micro-chipped, 1st vaccination, Vet health checked, wormed from 2 weeks of age thereafter every 2 weeks, Puppies dew claws have been removed. They will be crate trained and toilet training is well underway. Our puppies have lovely temperaments and are not skittish.

Price of puppy will be due following the all clear Vet check at 6 weeks and before 7 weeks of age. Puppies can leave us at 8 weeks of age. (Not before)

With each pup sold we give a generous puppy pack containing:

Samples of wet and dry food, dog shampoo, a soft toy, a ball, a puppy blanket, 18 page detailed  information regarding your puppies diet, worming record, grooming, toilet training and much more. 6 weeks free health insurance. If the puppies name is supplied before he/she leaves us I will embroider that name onto the puppy blanket. 

I send updated photos of your puppy at  4, and 6 weeks of age so you can share in the growth and development of the pup.

PLEASE NOTE: When I have sufficient names on any given waiting list, I will state below that my books have been  closed for that particular litter. This means no further orders will be taken until such time as another litter is advertised.

To make an inquiry or have your name placed on a waiting list for any upcoming litters, please click on the red link below to take you to our inquiry questionnaire page. 


Dam:  Shilo

 Shilo has had 5 healthy puppies to Winston born 21/4/2019.

We received 4 Boys and 1 girl.

All puppies are doing well. 

I have 2 Boys available from this litter. Others have a holding deposit down.

Puppies have had their microchip and 1st vaccination. They also have a vet health certificate stating puppies are in good health.

Updated photos at 6 weeks of Shiloh's  puppies below.

These Puppies can leave me on the 16/6/19

 If you would like more information you can phone Jenny on 02 66552251



Sire:  Winston