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Austradan Austradan Austradan Austradan

Our Male Cavaliers


Introducing Darcy: Austradan Magic Impact.

Our Black and Tan stud dog.

Darcy was progeny of Clancy and Tilly and we just had to keep him.

He is the spitting image of his Dad with that real regal look.

He has no white anywhere in his very rich coat. He has  lovely dark eyes.

An unbelievable little personality. He follows us around everywhere. He is a real little joy.

Darcy has produced his first, healthy litter of puppies.

Darcy is available for stud to approved bitches only.

Find pedigree and more info for Darcy


Introducing Dillon: Lookingglass Bombadier.

Our Blenheim stud dog.

Dillon is a beautiful little man with the most  gorgeous soft eyes. He is very well marked and holds a very impressive pedigree. 

Dillon has not disappoined us with the puppies he has been producing.

He is clear of Curly Coat and Dry eye by parentage.

We would like to thank Janice Humphries, Lookingglass Kennel for entrusting us with our latest addition Dillon.

Find pedigree and more info for Dillon



Introducing NELSON: Austradan Nelson Mandela

What a joy having Nelson around. He is growing into a lovely Cavalier. He has a lovely placid temperament, is well marked and  his good looks are a bonus. 

He will soon be producing some Sons and Daughters of his own in the not to distant future and as always I look forward to these events with excitement.

  I am so glad I decided to keep Nelson from Anna's litter. I liked him from birth. He is maturing into a lovely Cavalier.