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Austradan Kennels

Puppy Inquiry

Please answer the questions below to place an inquiry for upcoming puppies for sale.

 Terms and Conditions of sale.

  • The properly completed inquiry form is required prior to any family being considered for adoption of a puppy or mature dog. Haphazard completion of the form will not be accepted, so take your time and fill it in openly and honestly.
  • A $500 holding deposit will be required in order to secure a puppy and only when puppies are born.  Puppies will remain available for adoption until the confirmation of holding deposit payment is received.  Refund or transfer of deposit will only be given once we have been supplied with a copy of sterilisation certificate from your Veterinary. If your chosen puppy does not pass the veterinary health check, or under certain circumstances as agreed by the breeder and with due consideration given to the circumstances). If your puppy by any unforeseen event dies your $500 holding deposit will only be refunded if we receive a veterinarian certificate of death. That certificate must include the pups microchip number, DOB, colour, call name.
  • We do not accept prior deposits to guarantee a puppy prior to a litter being born.
  • Full payment of your puppy will be required after the puppies have been health certified, their Microchip given, first immunization needle and before 7 weeks of age.
  •  Puppies can go to their new homes from 8 weeks old - and not before.
  • Breeder's 'Prefix' is required when completing the inquiry form for show/breeding homes, and any further details sought are required promptly in order to be eligible for a puppy.
  • For the purchase of pet only puppies, we as responsible breeders require the purchaser to enter into a desexing agreement which is legal and binding. Puppies desexing certificate must be emailed to us on or before seven months of age.
  • Information required for your puppy's change of ownership will be sought from your completed form below.
  • Any deviation from the required procedures or provision of information and forms when required could result in puppy being made available for re-adoption and the forfeit of deposits paid.
  • It is our responsibility to ensure, to the best of our ability, that each and every home into which our puppies are adopted is suitable and responsible, therefore we reserve our right as responsible breeders to refuse to adopt a puppy into any home we deem to be unsuitable, at any time during the adoption process.
  • By filling out the questionnaire you will be agreeing to our terms and conditions.
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